Workshop "The FI-DI PModel in PD practice with one and two protagonists in conflict"


Leni Verhofstadt-Denève will present two main topics:

  1. The tied relationship between the FI-DI-Pmodel and PD-practice,
    and in relation to this:
  2. A demonstration of a psychodramatical strategy for tackling interpersonal conflicts between two subjects. This method is referred to as the "Simultaneous Action-Observer Strategy" (SAOS). The workshop concludes with a discussion of some variants oft the SA-OS and an attempt at explaining its power: i.e. in relation to recent neurological insights and the notion of „Empathic Accuracy“.

Referentin: Leni Verhofstadt-Denève, Ph.D.

Emeritus professor in Theoretical and Clinical Developmental Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium. Trained in clinical psychodrama by, amongst others, Dean and Doreen Elefthery, she is: a Trainer Educator and Psychodrama Practitioner (TEP) (Netherlands-Belgium Board); a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts; the author of many books and (international) articles on psychodrama from an Existential-Dialectical framework and Developmental Psychology; and the founder and director of the School of Experiential-Dialectical Psychodrama (a recognised FEPTO training institute).


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